About FX  

The foreign exchange market is the trading exchanges market between various currencies.

The value of foreign currencies when compared to other currencies is called ‘Foreign Exchange Rates’

Rates’for example the exchange rate of THAI BAHT (THB) compare with US DOLLAR (USD) or 

currencies exchange between Baht and Yuan .

The exchange rate will change according to supply and demand of foreign exchange in each period.

The important factors that determine the exchange rate are trade and investment 

between countries including he forecasts of the various investors in the market.



Foreign exchange trading, gold trading, CFDs index or FOREX established since 1971. 

When the currencies exchange system change from fixed rate to floating rates, FOREX is increasingly popular.

From rapidly growth of computer within 2 decade ago, its change in the FOREX market.

Online Broker becomes more important. In the past, trading must trade with the large bank only.

. Increasing of internet user that made online broker has market share more than 40% in the market of the large bank.

The country which has the most trading in the world is Japan; there are competitions for development service for customer.

When foreigners said to FOREX market in Japan, they will think of the investors in every age and 

every gender including knowledge of investment. For this reason, the broker who serves with the Japanese must be adapted to meet the needs of investors.