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Trade Index

At the present, there are many investors enter to financial market. Every investors come with a dream to be wealthy from trading in financial market but 

the conditions and investment is too high that cause of many investors could not trading in financial market by themselves .

Trade Index is suitable for no experience investors and investor who do not have time to selecting stock including investors who want to spread out the risks

Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. offer new choice for investors, with trading directly to country that you want by MetaTrader4, 

investors will breaking any limitation in trading. Today, we connected you trading with this popular platform

United State Stock Market

Dow Jones

S&P 500

Nasdaq 100

Europe Stock Market


Euro-Stoxx 50

France - CAC 40

Germany - DAX 30

Spain - IBEX 35

Switzerland - SMI

Asia Stock Market

Japan - Nikkei 225