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Mission Statement and Business Objective

Business Objective

The company has set the overall goals of the organization, both short and long term to satisfy the needs of all investors and also providing a good service . 

We continue to develop technology continuously " for the better things, " it is the main policy to development organizations. To the satisfaction of our customers both inside and outside.


Fuji Investment Corporation Co., Ltd wants to be a broker leader company in world class.

The company set 4 mains philosophy.

  1. 01 Duty of Care - executives at every levels and employees have to attention in any business including strong intention to customers same as own business by creating Entrepreneurial’s identity to employee.
  2. 02 Duty of Loyalty - executives at every levels and employees have to honestly in duty, having morality and ethical to customer by Corporate Good Governance
  3. 03 Duty of Obedience - the company activity must legal.
  4. 04 Duty of Disclosure - the company activity must transparency and verifiability

To be a good broker, We bring new innovation into management according to the goals of the company. 

The company will focus on develop the human resources including brokers and business partners to understand the plans and technologies to serve a good quality for customer.