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Company Law


Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. is the company of FOREX trading under trademarks FUJIFX Registration No.157928 

maintained by IFSC ( International Financial Services Commission ). 

The company was fully controlled in response to anti-money laundering policies and 

AML/CFT. All your transactions will be certified to correctly under international law.

Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Fuji Yamada Corporation Group, Japan. 

The trading company in Japan by NOMURA Bank , the large Liquidity provider in Japan to support.

in 2007, reach an agreement with Iwata Watabe ( 渡辺 岩田 ), CEO of Watabe fund a company with high liquidity.



In 2013, sign A memorandum of understanding (MoU) about Anti-Money Laundering and AML/CFT with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 

control trading company in 31 countries of Europe. It is the important step that made Fuji Investment Corporation Co., Ltd, 

the agent company from Japan with offensive marketing in international.