About Us  

About Company

Fuji Invesment Corporation.ltd

is the affiliate company of Fuji Yamada Group established in 2006 manage by Choji Okamura ( 岡村 所持 ), 

FOREX trading broker in Japanese and guarantee by Nomura bank and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ. 

In 2007, achieved agreement with Mr.Iwada Watabe, CEO Watabe fund for opened FOREX for Japanese customer 

with the goal to be broker for satisfy of Japanese customer.

At the present, FOREX is more popular and high competition in Japan. The company has developed the unique technology. 

In 2008, It has been recognized by the Japanese broker for firm serving orders quickly 

that the company won The Best Service award in Japan.


In 2009, Fuji Invesment Corporation.ltd achieved agreement with Metaquotes Software Corporation 

for using MT4 technology for trading and registered a patent Hi-Speed System Service(H-SS-S) technology.

In 2010, Fuji Invesment Corporation.ltd cooperate with many Liquidity provider company such as :

Morgan Stanley,the large 6th Liquidity company of United State ,Credit Suisse bank, Goldman Sachs bank ,

Barclays bank, Dolce bank, HSBC bank, UBS bank ,Bank of America, RBS bank, J.P. Morgan bank and Commerce bank. 

Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. has guarantee from many bank, the company has high Liquidity.

In 2012, the company registered in Belize to support Europe and America customer under FujiFX brand to provide FOREX trading, CFD Index and major index of the world 

for example Amazon, Facebook, Google, Tesco, Coca-Cola, EBay, Australia 200 Indexes, EU Stocks 50 Indexes, US Wall Street 30 indexes, Switzerland 20 Indexes and other around 120 indexes 

for trading by MT4 with With its advanced and fast trading platform . And a few brokers that can offer services to customers in the United States.

With the main policy of Fuji Invesment Corporation.ltd to respond with the customer demand such as the security in trading, the news, deposit-withdrawal in many channels, the fast trading, etc. 

the company has research to the investors demand in each countries all the time for 9 years (2006-2015)

With slogan ’ For Better Things ’ , we have local officers to suggest you night and day in 5 days a week

The strength of the company

  • Guarantee in trading security
  • Offer the best central price
  • The high liquidity from bank guarantees the risk.
  • Standard service and security form Japan, United State and Australia
  • The fast platform
  • The Hi-Speed System Service (H-SS-S) the privileged technology
  • The server for EA directly
  • Private account manager
  • 5% deposit interest rate per year
  • Wallet system
  • Support deposit- withdrawal in local bank with OTP system for security
  • Withdrawal by debit card (only the supported country)
  • Customer care service in local area
  • support the education and knowledge for trading in each region
  • The none-cheating organization
  • To issue the income statement to confirm the source of income to customer in unclear exchange law country
  • Personal data is kept securely

The company Goal

  • Support trading for investors around the world
  • Respond all the need of customer
  • Broker is a secure

The firm positioning

  • Sending trading order into market directly without Dealing Desk
  • Profit of customer is one of the company financial
  • Always developed platform
  • Serve the customer with slogan’ For Better Things’
  • Feed the best price of each LP for customer