Agreements between customers and the company

Fuji Investment Corporation Co., Ltd referred as “the company” on this agreement, which is a service provider of currency exchange, CFD index and gold as the methods, 

Terms and conditions on this agreement. The agreement effect on customers who opened an account with Fuji Investment Corporation Co., Ltd and already accepted the Terms and Conditions.


1.General Terms

1.1 After opened trading account with the company, if the customer do not deposit at least minimum rate within 90 days the company reserves the right to cancel the account

1.2 The company reserves the rights to charge $1 if saving account have none- trading more than 3 months.

1.3 Customer reserves the right to get 5% deposit interest per year by deduction to wallet on 31th in every month.

1.4 For security, the company reserve the right not allow to trading by the third parties

1.5 Customer can deposit at all the time. The money will in wallet within 5minutes or 5-7days depend on bank in each country.

1.6 Deposit money will be in wallet system

1.7 Customers can trading with unlimited from Wallet with money that you have and no fee

1.8 Customer can withdraw money from wallet at all the time with unlimited in 30 minutes or 5-7days depend on bank in each country

1.9 Daily limit for money withdrawal is construed in according to the law of each country

1.10 Withdrawal will cancel in case of receiver name is not same as the registered information

1.11 The company reserves the rights to withdrawal to the third parties for security in financial transaction

1.12 Customer will get OTP via SMS to mobile phone number that registered in every time for withdrawal

1.13 The company reserves the right to cancel withdrawal if the company found that customer deposit for exchange to another currency.

1.14 The company not charged any fee for deposit and withdrawal

1.15 The company shall not be liable for any fees from withdrawal and deposit with service providers

1.16 The company will kept the customer personal information in secure

1.17 Customer can request for income statement of the company that approve from Internationals bank

2. Agreements between customer and the company

2.1 Customers recognized as a consciousness person and ability to pay financial debt. Do not disability, sightless or other that excepting for trading.

2.2 Customer have ability to trade FOREX and CFD Index

2.3 Email address registered with the company is not email address for general used or used with the third parties. Notification or any request that sent from this email will be valid information

2.4 Must not person who convicted in a criminal or civil case, or who are being tracked by The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL).

2.5 Customer understands in risk from trading, losing, internet delay from internet provider.

2.6 Customer agreed that the company shall not be liable for any error or damages, indirectly and directly from limitation of currency exchange or uncontrolled condition.

2.7 Customer knows that the information and news for assist is only suggestion from the company. It is not compulsion to trading.

2.8 Customer shall be liable in the risk of account information secret to ensure that third parties cannot access the password information.

2.9 Customer knows that the delay from the bank and it is not the company responsibility

2.10 The Company is not responsible for any actions that result in customers not achieve any communication on online channels .

2.11 Customers aware of the risks that proceed with any third party, the company is not responsible for any actions of the third party

2.12 In the case of opened account in the same last name, but using a different email address, the Company has the right to cancel accounts that have duplicate names immediately.

2.13 The Company may request that customers verify their identity by requesting a copy of your ID card, or a document proving the place of residence that has been approved by the local authorities in the country.

2.14 Customer agrees that will deliver additional document to verify the accuracy to the Company. In case of the company needed or appropriated to comply with anti -money laundering policies.

2.15 Customers understand that the deposit to withdraw is an action that might qualify of money laundering. The company reserves the right to cancel this transaction and it is not transparency trading.

3. Terms and methods of trading

3.1 The Company reserves the right to audit and sequestration in trading account in case of the company inspection found that trading is arbitrage.

3.2 Scalping is allowed in any type of account.

3.3 The Company is not responsible for requote caused by the customer's Internet connection.

3.4 Foreign exchange trading with the company is order to liquidity provider directly; the spread may be changed according to the market value at that time.

3.5 Supports minimum leverage is 1:50 and the maximum is 1 : 2000 .

3.6 The customer can not withdraw while orders are also moving.

4. Terms of use VPS and method for request the EA of the company.

4.1 The types of accounts can be requested for using VPS account is EA Server Account.

4.2 The Company reserves the right to terminate the license if the VPS account is inactive for more than 20 days of the order , or the minimum amount in the account is less than 100 dollars , with inactive.

4.3 The Company is not responsible for transmission error from script of EA that customers choose to use.

4.4 Customers will install the system by themselves. The Customer Care from the company will help and advice at beginning.

4.5 Customer of EA account can request to using EA from the company.

4.6 The Company is not responsible for damages and losses from the EA runs in 4.5.

5. SMS notification

5.1 Customers who request an SMS notification is the customer with ECN trading account only, and a balance in the account at least 100 dollars.

5.2 The SMS information from customer requests are sent to the customer's phone number that registered with the company.

5.3 The Company is not responsible for the content and information that any customer received from SMS.

5.4 Customers realize that the information received by SMS is just one of the information to be used for analysis purposes only. Not to force trades or transactions based on the content of SMS.

6. Deposit bonus

6.1 Every customer has the right to obtain a 25 % deposit bonus.

6.2 Customers receive a deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn as cash.

6.3 Use the bonus for trading is arbitrage. the company has the right to cancel the account immediately without notice .

7. Free $10 account

7.1 Customer can adding Free $10 1 account

7.2 Profit from trading with Free $10 must have profit 5 times of money that you get and have to deposit at least $30 you could withdraw profit from bonus that you get

7.3 A minimum deposit 30 dollars for request to withdraw bonuses and profits will be left in the account at least 15 days and must be traded normally.

7.4 Customers can get deposit bonuses as usual.

8. Contact with Customers

8.1 The Company can contact with customers in the following channels

- Website

- Telephone number that the customer specific on personal information.

- Address that the customer specific on personal information

- Email Address that the customer specific on personal information

9. Canceling the agreement

9.1 This Agreement will become effective when the customer click accept in terms and conditions

9.2 The Agreement will be canceled if the following cases.

- Withdrawals all of accounts

- The customer break the agreement in one of that stated in the contract.

9.3 In case of death

- The right to withdraw money from customer accounts can be done by child or heirs or who were identified in the will only.

- Verification Status of child, heir, or who are identified in the will, the company will be monitored by a document that issued by the local government in the country only and reserves the right to consider appropriately.

10. Deposit

10.1 Customers can deposit in a channel that specific in account information. The company is not responsible for third party deposit.

10.2 Deposit in Top-up system in local area will be charged from service provider and will be added to the Wallet of the customer within 10 minutes.

10.3 Deposit in e-commerce will implement by automatically. The company has denied responsibility for delays caused by e-commerce providers.

10.4 Deposit rate in local bank according to central bank policy requiring in each country.

11. Deposit Protection

In order to the policy of financial protection in international, banks will be responsible for deposits in the following cases.

11.1 In the case of system crashes, the server of the bank error more than 48 hours, the company will be responsible for customer transactions by reset the account to default.

11.2 Bankrupt company, banks are responsible for the damage exceeding 50% of the value of the transaction with the Company.

12. Withdrawal

12.1 The funds are transferred via customer specified in the withdrawal document.

12.2 The Company reserves the right to withdraw which bank account does not match with the registered information.

12.3 The Company will implement the withdrawal within 30 minutes or 5-7 days depending on the local bank providers.

12.4 The customer can not withdraw if there are any outstanding orders or activation in trading accounts.

12.5 The maximum withdrawal daily is limit by the central bank in each country.

12.6 Withdrawals rate in local banks, according to central bank policy in each country.

13. Insurance protection for trading account

Purchasing insurance protection for trading account is an additional service to guarantee the risks that may occur during the trading in the following cases.

13.1 In case of fluctuation in emerging markets crisis. A change of more than 500 points within an hour.

13.2 In case of the marketplace is unable to serve for a period of over 24 hours.

** This service has additional cost, Please contact Customer Care

14. Deposit

14.1 The Company will pay interest at a rate of 5% per year, or 0.42 percent, to Wallet every month based on the amount of net in the 30th and deduction to Wallet on the 1st of each month.

14.2 The customer must have a trading at least five times to receive interest on deposits.

14.3 Interest on deposits that can be withdrawn at any times same as the real money of customers.

15. Collecting Point system

15.1 Every customer has the right to earn 10 points / 1 lot.

15.2 Allows customers to redeem rewards points are earned from the company or cash in Wallet

15.3 The prize will be delivered to the address stated in the Information within 3-5 days depending on logistics providers in each country.


16.1 The customer can use the money in your wallet to shopping.

16.2 The prize will be delivered to the address in registered information within 3-5 days depending on logistics providers in each country.

16.3 Delivery fee is included in the value of the product.

** The company reserves the right without notice to update this policy at any time