Payment Liquidity  

Liquidity of the company

Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. cooperation with CFH Clearing bank of United Kingdom 

with US$800 million revolving fund. 

Customer can be ensures that your financial transactions under the control of IFSC 

(International Financial Services Commission)

Trading had been sent directly to Liquidity company in Tokyo and New York market. 

For Anti Dealing to Desk, the company cooperate with many Liquidity company such as: 

Morgan Stanley,the big 6th Liquidity company of united state, Credit Suisse bank, Goldman Sachs bank,

Barclays bank, Dolce bank, HSBC bank, USB bank, Bank of America, RBS bank, J.P. Morgan bank and Commerce bank. 

Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. has guarantee from many bank, the company has high Liquidity.

For support The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Policy, 

Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd strictly with financial transaction to protect people seek to the benefit for Money Laundering. 

The Company will also do not trading with the third parties and the company reserves the right to cancel a transaction with a person who is convicted in a criminal or civil case , or who are being tracked by Interpol .