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Promotions Free Servers For EA

Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. intention to investors who trading by robot.

The company developed connection technology HSEA5 in partnership with IBM to connect orders by SSA processing

with bridge server to access to extended memory faster. You can be assured that the process will be linked to the most stable technology.

Robot will receive the correctly information and in every script that developers designed work effectively.

Technology HSEA(Hi Speed Expert Advisor) has been developed by Nomura Ibayachi in 2008 in the name HSEA1

and the objectives of the Company is decrease defect in connecting robot with market and developed until HSEA5 at the present.

HSEA was popular in investors who invest by robot and won the Best Broker Award in 2010 from World Finance,

the Acceptance Corporation by broker in Europe. Until in 2015, HSEA5 has been accepted by many institute

such as UK FOREX, USA Server, etc. for the best server technology for robot.


Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. present the best technology for robot and exclusive only for our customers. 

We have organization that developed the technology to respond customers' satisfaction. 

You can be assured that it has the high performance technology and the most modern one.