Promotion Saving Interest  

Promotions, Interest 5% per year


Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. recommend special offer, deposit interest is up to 5% per year or 0.41% per month.

By auto deduction to account on 1st of the month under the conditions to open trading at least 5 times/month

Another pride of Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. cooperation with the main financial institute in Tokyo and New York since 2008 such as:

Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse bank, Goldman Sachs bank, Barclays bank, Dolce bank, HSBC bank, UBS bank , RBS bank, 

J.P. Morgan bank and Commerce bank with connection in investment coverage more than 120 countries around the world. 

You can ensure that your capital will be safely and wisely investment.

The customer's money will be deposited at Fuji bank, Japan before invest at financial institutions in Europe. 

With the financial system that is unique of Japan that cooperation between a local bank with Abenomics policy for stability of the economies in Asia, 

such as: Bank of Tokyo, Nomura Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ bank. So, the company will have high liquidity.

Moreover, Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd. also cooperation with Watabe Fund, the large investment banking of Japan. Watabe Fund trading with many financial institutes in Asia. 

Customer can be ensure that Fuji Investment Corporation Co.,Ltd was consistency in financial to serve any financial transaction for you.

Today, Fuji Investment Corporation Co., Ltd. ready to become a part of the pride and success with you .